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Training For Warriors

The Things We Carry

Dec 07 2015 Featured Fitness Motivation Nutrition Uncategorized 0 comments

  In my experience, people cling to truths but turn them into crutches or sometimes lies. When we are scared of the answers we only ask questions we can manipulate. When we are confronted, we push out our chest and brandish our false code of honor with hope that people won’t see through us. We seek to be validated by the outer world. The friends who enable us just want to have fun. The spouse who fights with us is jaded. The pare..

Do Woman Really Struggle At The Gym?

Sep 25 2015 Featured Fitness Motivation Nutrition Uncategorized 0 comments

The STRUGGLE is…..NOT REAL!! It’s true we all face struggles in life. One area I believe almost all women can agree on is at one point or another the gym has been a struggle. Maybe it is for you and maybe it isn’t, but as a women myself I understand the struggles and have gone through them. Examples: - not knowing what to do in the gym - lack of motivation - embarrassment - having no desire to work hard. Ladies, at ..

The Ultimate Tips For Fat Loss

Sep 03 2015 Featured Fitness Motivation Nutrition Uncategorized 0 comments

I am immune to fluff... I don't care for fads or small thinking. I want to help people who are serious about change. That is why I have created this series of FREE content. This guide will serve you in your efforts to become the person you want to be. Like it or not we all want to look and feel great. Think about it, how much more confidence do we have when we look and feel great? I have gone through the whole spectrum of it. I have loo..

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