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Training For Warriors

Brain Vs. Being

Jun 01 2015 Featured Fitness Motivation Nutrition Uncategorized 0 comments

This post is meant to scare you. I aim to challenge you to step up. Entertain the idea you have more to offer. Look within yourself  and ask if you can do better? I want you to have the courage to admit to yourself that perhaps you are held back by intellectual restraints. Metaphorical chains that were unknowingly placed on you at an early age. Your thoughts dictate your words. Your words dictate your actions, and your actions determine..


May 25 2015 Featured Fitness Motivation Nutrition Uncategorized 0 comments

  There is an inescapable rhythm my heart assumes as I approach an adventure. Something incomparable to anything else in life and can only be paralleled by loves first glance. There is no  regret, apologies, or ambitions. No dissident relationships. Just utter freedom to embrace the dark warrior. Ego is slowly dissolved by the immersion of the wild. The canopies of the evergreens embrace me like iron embraces the fire. Rock faces ent..

The Drift

May 18 2015 Featured Fitness Motivation Nutrition Uncategorized 0 comments

The summer is looming. The romantic allure of the new year is over. Goals have long been forgotten or serve as a source of bitterness. Spring is here and that means schedules are hitting full steam. Kids have practice. Parties and social events are filling our weekends. May is a common time to drift. People begin to float heedlessly away from where they set out to get to. The reason is because we never seem to adorn our struggles.  We complain a..

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