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No Man’s Land

Jan 29 2015 Featured Fitness Motivation Nutrition Uncategorized 0 comments

When I was younger I would often stare into space. I had no goals, no drive, just empty thoughts. Looking at people I know who have jobs they aren't too crazy about I see them doing the same thing. They work hard, sure but there is emptiness, boredom. We will trounce the day's humdrumedness by opening the doors of perception. Today's tale is of the path one takes on the road to triumph. The more I read and the more I attend seminars and listen to..

Dream And Dream Some More

Jan 26 2015 Featured Fitness Motivation Uncategorized 0 comments

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who only dream by night." - Edgar Allen Poe As children we are taught to have an imagination but only to a certain point. There is a cap to it. When you push past that cap we are reeled in with a swift command to "stop daydreaming." Edgar Allen Poe would have you continue to dream. Albert Einstein would have you only dream. For it is in our dreams that we really live..

Butterflies With Clipped Wings

Nov 25 2014 Featured Fitness Motivation Nutrition Uncategorized 0 comments

How does one deal with the pale truth that we are all insignificant? The arduous task of fighting an uphill battle can be overwhelming and most give up. Only the defiant ones rise above, captivating our imaginations and igniting a fire inside. These heroes present to us in the form of movie stars, musicians, athletes, writers, artists, and great innovators. What is the real difference between them and us? What is the causality of their success an..

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