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Training For Warriors

3 Step Guide To Achieve Any Goal

Mar 22 2016 Featured Fitness Motivation Nutrition Uncategorized 0 comments

“ The false face must hide what the false heart doth know.” - Shakespeare. If reality is the life I have created and can only blame myself for creating then what are my dreams? Perhaps I have misrepresented these two dimensions? Perhaps the reality lies in the truest and purest form of desire, my dreams. I cover up that reality with a false face so the world can’t know what I am truly chasing. If the world knows then I can’t hide ..

February Warrior of The Month

Mar 01 2016 Uncategorized 0 comments

John Luongo owns an Insurance company. He came to us through a referral but he stated right off the bat that he was intimidated. He worked out before but it wasn’t that. It was the fact that he had to step into something that he knew would make or break him. He knew that if he didn’t make the changes in our place then he never would. He stepped into the black and gold gym of TFW Ropestone and emerged a superstar. For the last 6 months ..

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