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Boot Camps

Our Boot camp is an exercise program that challenges you both mentally and physically in order to help you obtain your fitness goals and beyond. While in our Boot camp we will work on improving your cardio, balance, strength...

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Jul 31 2014 Featured Fitness Motivation Uncategorized 0 comments

Everyone is looking for the secret. The fast and easy way to attain what you desire. Unfortunately, choosing to try the easy way out often leads to dismay. The path to a darkened state of mind is not all that dark. Illuminated by compensating notions of relative drama, your life ceases to be productive. I believe that drama weakens our ability to evolve as individuals. "Most of America confuses activity for productivity." Warriors, I challenge yo..

Grey-Person Syndrome

May 05 2014 Featured Fitness Motivation Nutrition Uncategorized 0 comments

There was once a person who loitered the streets of uneventfulness, who floated on the undulating tide of the nonspecific. This person often wondered about going out on a ledge and thought about taking risks but never did. Another thing this person never did was accomplish anything they valued. This person is us, Americans. I call it the grey-person syndrome. The American culture has become a series of stereotypes that we have been enslaved by. W..

Tips For Fat-Loss

Mar 27 2014 Uncategorized 0 comments

As coaches, it is paramount to unravel the complicated web of ones ability to eat, move, and sleep efficiently. In order to do this, we cannot see in black and white. As students, we all have our unique master design and we spend our life working on making it better. We might even learn about selves and become wiser along the way. There is a quote by LL Cool J that describes his journey that we at TFW can relate to: “I'm not trying to keep up o..

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