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"If You Want More, You Have To Become More!"

What Defines You?

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


It is not so uncommon to mistake safety for happiness, companionship for love, a job for fulfillment…

It is absurdly common to define one’s self in a descriptive manner. I know that sounds confusing, let me elaborate.

I always struggled with questions like: “who are you Ken?” or “what do you do?” or any question that serves as a platform to define me. I believe as human beings we are indefinable.

Sure, we all possess traits that describe us: Loyalty, Honor, Deceitful, Malicious, Brash, Intrepid, and the list goes on. Some are good and some are bad, depending on your world view. But these are not us. One cannot mistake description for definition. These things only define us if we limit ourselves to the idea that we are measurable. If we define ourselves with some sort of narrative about our past then we are imprisoning our imagination and our instincts.

What if Leonardo da Vinci only became an artist and not an inventor, philosopher, and real life super hero??? What if Abraham Lincoln was only a politician and not a wrestler, amazing writer, and real life super hero???

What if Hellen Keller let her impairments define her? She would not have inspired the world.

All of us have fire inside of us. That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you see the person you love, that’s fire. That feeling you get when you start a new venture or activity, that’s fire. Unfortunately, we spend more time suppressing our fire than we do embracing it. Better put, we spend a lot of time reacting to our fire than we do initiating it.

Great people in the world recognized their spirit, or fire and lived their life initiating it and spreading it. Most of the rest of us are either scared of the fire because it goes against the status quo or we misdirect it.

The silver lining is that what you have done in the past and what you are going to do in the future doesn’t define you, not matter how great or how terrible those acts may be. They are mere expressions of what does define you… your fire.

Have you ever heard of Alfred Nobel? Yeah, the guy responsible for the Nobel Peace Prize. Did you know that he was also known as “The Angel of Death” because of his invention of dynamite? You see, he didn’t let that define him. Instead he took his fire and initiated a movement. This movement sparked acts of good across the world and Alfred’s legacy has become enduring.

My own past isn’t exactly chivalrous. I have done things which I am proud of and I have done things which make me shake my head. Things have happened to me that left scares. I made things happen that inspired a tribe. What I have come to learn is that none of it defines me. My past does not determine my future and my future is what I make of it. What does define me, what I hope people say about me when I am gone is “he had passion.”

All I mean when I talk about fire is passion. When you have passion and you embrace it then you challenge the status quo. You take risks. You cringe at the thought of the comfort zone.

AKA: TV, slumbering, video games, sedation, shopping just to shop, eating just to eat, etc. This is our current status quo and most people are content to live in it. In fact, most people will fight to the teeth to protect it. I experience a lot of push back in my life. People telling me I am crazy. Why did I shoot that video? Why do I train so much? OMG, you need to go out and cut loose!

These are the people who are scared of their fire. These are the people that know all the reality shows, know the menus of all the best restaurants by heart, and have every new show on the market.

HMMMMM, I think I will embrace my fire and inspire others instead. As appealing as the Housewives of Atlanta are, they don’t push me to do great things in life.


I wrote that 6 times because studies show that it takes 6-12 contacts before someone is receptive to your message. Guys, you are wasting your minutes. Time is a finite thing. You experiences are treasured legacy’s. Opportunities knock daily, stop ignoring them.

You are defined by passion. You don’t have to be Da Vinci or Keller to be remarkable.

I know a woman, she comes to my dojo. She gets excited about everything. EVERYTHING. It is such a pleasure to watch. She is always talking about how she pushed her son to join a school in Texas, she pushes her colleagues, her energy inspires me to be more on fire.

Do you know what she is called? A leader…

If you decide to stop hiding from your fire, your passion you will become a leader as well. You will inspire your co-workers, your family, your friends. That is exciting. Now compare that to what the Housewives are doing. What sounds like more fun?


IF you guys need a push or even some guidance then fill out a contact application and get to TFW Ropestone. We are filled with leaders. We are filled with people challenging the status quo.