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"If You Want More, You Have To Become More!"

Butterflies With Clipped Wings

How does one deal with the pale truth that we are all insignificant? The arduous task of fighting an uphill battle can be overwhelming and most give up. Only the defiant ones rise above, captivating our imaginations and igniting a fire inside. These heroes present to us in the form of movie stars, musicians, athletes, writers, artists, and great innovators. What is the real difference between them and us? What is the causality of their success and our mediocrity? Can we chalk it up to talent? Luck? Sure… a little. BUT talent can take a back seat to diligence and luck only happens when opportunity meets preparation. Our heroes shine bright in dark days because they are wiling to meet the storm head on. They refuse to take no for an answer.


time mag

I recently went back and looked at all the students I have had that left. The data was very interesting, especially when I compared it to the data from students I have had for 2 years. Most of the people that left had good results in short spans and had no results over long spans of absence. Their attendance fluctuated and thus, so did their results. My highly successful students had smaller results that compounded over a long period of continuity and thus led them to see truly amazing things happen and their lives changed. Continuity is such a simple concept but seems to be the thing that separates us from greatness. Think about all the new year’s resolutions that were attempted. All the hobbies you started but never finished. All the dreams that flutter by like a child chasing a butterfly, we just can’t seem to grasp them! The funny thing is, I can catch butterflies as an adult. I bet we all can. If you really want something you have to put in work to get it. Not 6 months, not even a year, YEARS!

chasing butterflies

In order to accomplish these things you have to surrender to the sublime. Conjure a dream, a goal that means the world to you and persist! Let your goal seep into your heart. Let it be the most annoying pest to ever enter your thoughts and then work for it! Just like when you were a kid chasing that butterfly. The more you chased those things, the harder you reached, it still took years to achieve that victory.