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"If You Want More, You Have To Become More!"

Dream And Dream Some More

“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who only dream by night.”
– Edgar Allen Poe


As children we are taught to have an imagination but only to a certain point. There is a cap to it. When you push past that cap we are reeled in with a swift command to “stop daydreaming.” Edgar Allen Poe would have you continue to dream. Albert Einstein would have you only dream. For it is in our dreams that we really live. If we keep dreaming we inevitably turn our life into our dreams and attain what is considered by most unattainable. For the vast majority, the unattainable is as such because they remain in a sedated state. They are, as Poe puts it, only dreaming at night.

What is the unattainable? It is a state of higher awareness. A place where elation and pain are motivators towards the same end game. A place where you aren’t inhibited by the strains of others’ projections. Let me impart to you what I was taught when I was a kid. Marcel Proust put it simple: “If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time.”

There are too many instances where I hear people tell me what they want and then in the same sentence take t back like it is an ancient gem that doesn’t really exist. I want all of you to take out a pen or tablet, anything to write on. I want you to let yourself dream. Write down 1-3 things you want that you never thought you could have. Whatever it is. More money? A great love affair? A dangerous adventure into the depths of the Congo? WHATEVER. Write it down. It can even be closer to your heart. I know a lot of you struggle with your self-image. Are you middle-aged and want to be 17% body fat but your over 30%???? I have heard people say “it’s impossible.” I want to answer that by saying to you:

Dream more, dream again. Only then will you push yourself to the edge. In this state of flaunting desire we will unleash your true potential.

There is no mysticism to dreaming. I am not talking about the hoaky “build it they will come” stuff. All dreaming really is is allowing yourself to fill up with visions of what you want. Once you come to terms with what you want you have to figure out how to make it happen.

Einstein’s theories were a little harder to make happen. In fact, everyone thought he was crazy and a overzealous hack. Turns out he was a genius. If he listened to everyone and stopped dreaming we wouldn’t be where we are as a society. If Poe stopped dreaming we would be without his genius which inspires young dreamers across the world. It is because Poe reached the unattainable that I am even writing this to you. No body wants to just get a 9-5 job, put on some weight, and repeat the grind day in and day out. I challenge all of you to seek out what you really want?