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"If You Want More, You Have To Become More!"

February Warrior of The Month

John Luongo owns an Insurance company. He came to us through a referral but he stated right off the bat that he was intimidated. He worked out before but it wasn’t that. It was the fact that he had to step into something that he knew would make or break him. He knew that if he didn’t make the changes in our place then he never would.


He stepped into the black and gold gym of TFW Ropestone and emerged a superstar. For the last 6 months he has been on a tear. John is our February member of the month and not because of the 40lbs weight loss. Not because of the 275lbs bench press personal record. And not because he is down to 16% body fat. He is our winner because he faced all the things that scared him and leaned into them. He attacked them and now he is prospering.

John has a great family. He is very successful in business but he wasn’t fulfilled. He struggled with not being comfortable in his own body. He told us he had given up on wanting to feel good and that is a place he never wants to go again. I know it isn’t cool for men to talk about that stuff but John does. He inspires other people in the gym to keep pushing. That is how we define a warrior. Someone who faces challenges in his/her life and uses those challenges to grow.

This week we celebrate John and all his accomplishments but we also celebrate the potential for all those who struggle with the insidious nature of physical inadequacy and “feeling like shit” as John put it. You all have the potential to discover your own warrior within.