5 Foods That Burn Fat

There are thousands of articles telling you to eat all kinds of stuff. Most of it is healthy. The thing about “healthy foods” isn’t the food. It is how you use it. When you eat it. What kind of training you are doing? We can get all kinds of geeky with this one. Before you read my list below, I want you to understand that I have seen people get thin by just eating healthy but look flabby. I have seen people stay fat while training their asses off because they refuse to eat healthy. Find the balance and find your dream body.


1. Protein. The body requires more calories to burn protein than carbs. The body requires about 30% of the calories you consume to digest protein. I am huge on eggs. There are so many health benefits to eating whole eggs but fat-burning is a big one. Tip, eat protein with your first meal. Get it in early.
2. Nuts. Almonds and walnuts in particular. These are healthy fats that curb cravings. They will help you to build muscle and stay lean without the bulking effect of carbs.
3. Coffee. This is a surprise, right? I don’t care about what most people say that caffeine “boosts metabolism.” In fact, I am so tired of the term “boost metabolism” that I won’t even talk about it. I do care that coffee that curbs my cravings. The hardest part about eating clean is changing habits. Anyone can eat clean for a 21 day fix and then gain the fat right back. To change your actual habits is the key. Coffee is a great filler when you have those cravings (just don’t put any sugar or milk in it).

4. Sardines. I have extensively researched this one in my own diet. The bottom line is that your fish oil is probably crap. You probably aren’t eating enough fish. Sardines taste good. I know they look weird but they are great in salads.

5. Water. Ok, I cheated with this one but I know by the statistics just from my gym that most of you are dehydrated. I see it in my own body when I don’t drink enough. We are made of mostly water. If you don’t drink enough you will not see all the results you desire.

Before you go filling your cabinets with this stuff or researching all the foods the gurus are trying to get you to eat, let us remember some simple common sense. If you are exercising more (meaning a hard cycle in your training, then you need to eat more). Yikes! I said it. Eat more? And I hope you are cycling your training. Going all out forever will severely damage your muscles and your hormones. During a lighter training cycle you obviously eat less. No one diet will ever work. Have you ever wondered why that last bit of fat just won’t leave? It is because you have probably been going too hard for too long with no dietary change. Or vice versa. Too light with too much food.

Take these tips to heart but listen to your body and develop a plan!