5 Ways To Crop Your Body Into a “Crop Top”

Most people try to market the “hot body” close to summer to get you to sign up for their program. I am gonna get real with you and just give you the formula right here for free. No bull, not even very good writing. Just raw facts you can implement immediately.

If not now, when? Colorful words on blackboard.

If not now, when? Colorful words on blackboard.


1. That thing called diet… The word diet has become a buzz word and has taken on a negative connotation. A diet really means what we eat consistently on a daily basis. I want to discourage you from following a “plan” and I want to encourage you to follow guidelines. Any good diet course correction starts with taking an inventory of your current situation. Make a list of all the foods in your house for an entire week. Keep a food journal that week. This gives you the data to really evaluate your habits and make changes. These are the 5 changes I would recommend for anyone regardless of your situation.                    

                – Drink a large glass of water when you wake up

                – Absolutely no processed foods. 

                – Replace all beverages that aren’t’ water with water. 

                – Graze on Green veggies and raw mixed veggies throughout the day

                – Keep a cravings journal. Identify the enemy!


2.Workout throughout the day. This is my new magic trick. This is NOT a workout program. This is to add a little extra fire in your day. As humans, we are not meant to sit down all day. We are built to move, wander, hunt, gather. I understand that we work, raise kids, etc. BUT there is no excuse for you to not move every hour for at least a couple of minutes. I am not talking complicated exercises. 1 minute of burpees. 2 minutes of pushups. Just break a sweat! All out squats for 1- 3 minutes. Maybe you stand at your desk for an hour while working? The possibilities are endless, the point is to move every hour.



3. Plan… re-evaluate… Then STICK TO IT. As fun as the 3 minute workouts are from step two, a health and lifestyle plan is immensely important. A good plan has 3 components. Access: this is having access to information that is in line with your beliefs and vision your self. Accountability: Someone or something to keep you on track. Ultimately, no one can make you do anything but a good coach or friend will be real with you so you can’t lie to yourself. Thirdly we have Association: this is the dark horse. People overlook the importance of having a team. We always try to either do things by ourselves or look for someone to do it for us. The magic ingredient is finding a team that will guide us and push us to o farther than we would go alone.


4. Find a motivator that works. Bikini season is not a strong enough catalyst. In all my experience that goal of getting in shape for bathing suit season never works. I know you all think that is what you want but is it really? External validation from others by getting a nice body isn’t what any of us want at our core. It is just a bonus. What we really want is to be energetic and happy. Find a motivator along those lines and you will be way more likely to succeed because you feel strongly about it. Go the bikini route and you will forget, avoid, and make excuses about why you aren’t getting results. If I told you that your house would be taken away and your family will be on the street if you don’t find $100,000 in 2 days do you think you could do it? YOU BET YOUR A**. Now, Imagine if you attached a motivator like that to your body… what do you think would happen? We don’t know yet but you will only go as far as you allow yourself to go.


5. $100/hour trick. Deposit $100 into the bank every time you spend an hour (outside of work) wasting time instead of moving yourself towards your goals. This includes but is not limited to TV, reading novels and magazines, FACEBOOK, Twitter, Instagram, going out with friends, talking on the phone, texting, sitting at your kids practices, and chores that your spouse can share the load on. These things are luxuries that we earn after we get our real priority done. I get you have to take the kids to practice. What I don’t get is why it eats all your time? You can take the workout with you while they practice. I am not saying you should skip your kid’s games. Those are immigrant but practice is irrelevant and you need to optimize that time. I know the $100 seems like a lot but think of it this way. You are investing in building new habits and when you finally get control of your habits you can take that money and buy a reward to celebrate your achievement.



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