Belly Fat 101

The fat concept: Chubby vs. Fat, overweight vs. obese, “dad bod,” “husky,” “ thick thighs”  the list goes on!


The first thing I want to talk about is the fact that all the terms we use to describe our fat, however innocent you think they are, are detrimental to you losing it. Putting a label on something endears it to us. We are giving our egos a way out. My students hear me talk about letting ourselves off the hook all the time but the reality is that we all do it and most times we don’t even realize it.

Forget about classifying your fat and focus on what you look like in the mirror and how you feel, NOTHING else matters. Not the media, not your mom, not what size your best friend is. Once you can learn to become introspective and less susceptible to outside influences you gain the strength needed to fight the battle you desperately want to win.

Get rid of fat: Every single person who is an authority in health and fitness agrees that the number one way to reduce fat on the body is the reduce stress and get enough sleep. EVERY SINLGE ONE.

I know you all want to believe that if you workout enough you will have your dream body and some of you believe there are magic pills but the fact is, you will not see the results you want long term if you are stressed out.

The problem is we all hide behind the same story…. “I’m good, I’m ok.” It is a very small percentage of people who can step up and say right off the bat that they are stressed. Let me save you from the torture… you aren’t special. Everyone has their own stress but if you argue for it, then you get to KEEP it. Punch your ego in the face and admit you are stressed and then deal with it so you can get some quality sleep.

When you don’t sleep well, you don’t recover well. What does that mean? Your body will not rejuvenate effectively after workouts. All those smash sessions and heavy lifting you are doing is actually slowing you down because you aren’t sleeping well.

The workouts: In the Training For Warriors system we lose tens of thousands of pounds every month and the way we do it is we lift weights, we move fast, and we change our lifestyle habits. There are only 3 foundational exercise modes to begin with: 1. weight training, 2. traditional “cardio,” 3. speed cardio or HIIT training. Sure, people like to make it complicated and you can get pretty versatile with it but at heart, it is that simple. Here is a wild idea: start with doing 2 days of strength training per week and 2 days of speed training.

Ummm… THAT’s IT. Master the basics.

The Kitchen: Once you have your stress levels in check and you are working out then you have to tackle one last item. The one thing everyone hates. The one thing that has produced Billions of dollars by selling you lies and gimmicks.  NUTRITION.


It isn’t rocket science but it is hard to change an eating habit and it isn’t because we love food so much as a lot of you say. It is because we love our habits associated with the food. We love the comfort we feel when we eat those foods. The safety net we have created around our habits is often our downfall. I will have you consider that you love the short term gratification food gives you because you are too scared to step up and go after what you really want for fear of failure.

The trick of it is folks, it is failure that makes you strong enough to achieve the great things you want. You MUST  fail. You must learn from failure. The essence of physical training is based on failure. So is the basis for success.

I am not going to get into the actual nutrition guidelines because I have done that already. So have a thousand other fitness professionals. I will link to a manual for you  TFW Success Manual  but I will say that like any habit whether it is drug addiction or food; you have to face the truth before you kick it. If you are over weight or obese then sit down and figure out why? Why are you eating late at night? What stress is your trigger? What associations are you creating between food and alcohol and your social life?


Answer those questions honestly and you will be on your way to decoding your body and building your own blueprint for success. Don’t overcomplicate things. In this day and age we analyze, test, come up with fancy stuff to hide the fact that we don’t want to do the work.  Martin Rooney said once “if you do what you’ve always done, then you get what you always got.” Basically, stop thinking about your body the way you always have and start thinking outside the box to get results.