Why You Aren’t Getting Fit

There are times when I have gotten asked this question of why people aren’t getting fit and I have quoted other professionals or hit them with too much science. After nearly a decade I have seen patterns and below are 7 things that I find get in the way.

If not now, when? Colorful words on blackboard.

The thing I want you to understand is that even people who work out a lot can sometimes see thwarted progress. Trainers are too quick to blame the client for not eating right and the client is too quick to blame their body or execise in general so they can stop altogether.


=====> These are some real reasons why you aren’t getting fit <=====


  1. Your kitchen cabinets are a mess. Face it, you have processed food in your house. Especially if you have kids. Fat Loss isn’t rocket science. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle you can’t have it in your house because you will eat it. Walk through the kitchen and throw away all processed food. IMG_0217
  2.  Millions of people have gym memberships. most of them don’t see results. Why? Because they are either unwilling to do the work or they don’t know what work they are supposed to do. Either way, get help. If you are unmotivated pay someone to hold you accountable. If you are clueless, pay someone to tell you. It is easy to trick yourself into thinking you are doing a great workout. “ I was really sweating today!” HMMMM. Ok, did you get better? Did you work on your weaknesses and play to your strengths? Did you push mentally through barriers? We don’t know yet.
  3. Your support network isn’t supporting. If you got some friends together and decided to start a gym network then it is a 50/50 shot it will succeed. The problem is that when you get there you just talk and go through the motions. Without actually creating a plan and focusing then you shouldn’t expect a ton of results. That isn’t support. That is sedation.
  4. Wrong habit. I read once that you cannot eliminate a habit, you can only change it. That is why when smokers stop smoking a lot of them gain a lot of weight. They replaced smoking with eating. The neurological habit is still there, it is just different. You may be training but it may also be the wrong fit. If you work late and then workout right before bed and as a results get poor sleep then you are doing yourself detriment. Try to switch up your workout times.  If you are following a plan, it might not be the right plan so-to-speak. What works for one person might not be great for you. Write down your habits as it pertains to your health and make sure they are the right fit. There is no turn-key method for everyone. Overcome-business-setback
  5. Age. Bet you thought I was gonna say when you reach a certain age your metabolism slows down or you can’t train hard? NOPE. That is bullshit. The important things are what you are doing and how you are eating. It can vary  year to year. Maybe there is a biological factor that comes into play and maybe you just need a mental boost as you get older. The point is with age should come change. You have to train specifically for YOU. That doesn’t mean all 40-year-olds train a certain way or all 50 year olds. It means all people train specifically to themselves. When is the last time you evaluated your program?
  6. Mobility mania. There is a pattern with this one. Those who have poor mobility have to work harder to perform in the gym. They don’t spend the time or the resources needed to move well so they don’t see progress. Then frustration sets in and it is only a matter of time before they quit. An intense desire to be fit goes with these people. Perhaps because they struggle so much to move they subconsciously develop this desire but I see it all the time.  Nutritionally, they are willing to follow a quick fix plan but not willing to change their lifestyle so they ultimately have undulating results. Slow it down. Fix your mobility while training. It isn’t all or none. vlcd
  7. deprivation leads to catastrophe. I always hear how people do shake diets or “fixes” and then I hear how they gained weight back. You cannot starve yourself. You cannot deprive yourself of the stuff you love. The honest truth is that I am eating pancakes as I write this. I have been craving them and I got them. Plus, I thought it would be funny. The other truth is that I have to reel myself in as a coach and evaluate the coaching I do in nutrition a lot because I don’t want people craving things. There is a healthy way to eat and have treats once in a while, you just need to have the patience and the discipline to track it and learn it.

The good news is that this is all simple stuff. The bad news is, it takes a strong will and lots of accountability to change ingrained habits.